A Magical Idol 3DS Rhythm Game With A Protagonist That Will Melt Your Heart

By Sato . October 23, 2014 . 10:46pm


Alchemist’s upcoming Nintendo 3DS game isn’t a rail-shooter or visual novel, but Moho Colle: Magic☆Idol Collection is about a cute magical girl who must defrost the hearts of the citizens in the land of magic. The latest trailer shows us a little track from the game.

You don’t need to understand Japanese to see how cute this is with the dancing animals and everything, but in case you’re wondering, Plum is singing about how your smile brings a rainbow to her heart, in which she hopes it can help reach to her thoughts.

Plum will go through all kinds of different idol songs, but she’ll also have to go around town to do a fair share of interaction with to help fix their hearts. You can read more about it in our earlier report.

Moho Colle: Magic☆Idol Collection will release in Japan on November 20, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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Korg DSN-12 analogue-style studio released for Nintendo 3DS

Thanks to Korg, Nintendo’s 3DS family of handhelds has a pretty good selection of synth apps available for it, and the latest – DSN-12 – is now available.

Produced in collaboration with Detune, this analogue-style workstation gives you 12 monophonic, Korg MS-10-inspired synths to play with, each of which can be bolstered with up to three effects. You can use these to create sequences and patterns, which in turn can be stitched together to create complete songs.

There’s also a 3D oscilloscope that can operate in Wave and Lissajous modes.

The Korg DSN-12 is compatible with 2DS/3DS/3DS XL systems and is available via the Nintendo eShop. It costs £25/$37€30.

Korg DSN-12 features

  • Contains 12 virtual analog monophonic synthesizers
  • Up to 64 sequence steps
  • Freely place sequences in up to 64 patterns
  • Pattern Program mode lets you chain patterns in up to 99 scenes; muting can also be programmed for each track
  • Three effects are provided; choose from delay, chorus, flanger, compressor, kick, and reverb
  • Local communication allows users to exchange song data and sound data
  • The world’s first* 3D display oscilloscope screen; Wave and Lissajous modes are provided
  • *For Nintendo 3DS software as of June 2014

This month’s newest game and hardware updates

PS Vitaq is in the pink

Women’s fashion brand Mercury Duo is teaming up with Sony for a stylish “premium limited edition” Mercury Duo PlayStation Vita.

With a pink back and white front, the Wi-Fi model PS Vita bundle comes with a Mercury Duo white lace-decorated pouch and a special cleaning cloth to wipe away any smudges or fingerprints. Also included is an 8GB Memory Card, and USB and power cables.

Mercury Duo is known for its soft, elegant designs, and Sony has done its best to bring that aesthetic to this Vita bundle, which goes on sale Nov. 13 for ¥20,980.


“Pokemon” goes alpha and omega

Originally released in 2002, the “Ruby” and “Sapphire” versions of “Pokemon” were the biggest-selling games for the Game Boy Advance. Now, 12 years later, remakes “Omega Ruby” and “Alpha Sapphire” are headed to the Nintendo 3DS with beefed-up graphics, new Pocket Monster “Mega” evolutions, and even Pikachu cosplay — if you’ve ever thought Pikachu might benefit from a frilly pink dress in a character fight, well now you can find out.

As with other Pokemon games, there are two versions of each of these, both with exclusive Pokemon characters. The box art indicates that Pocket Monster Kyogre is slated for “Alpha Sapphire,” while Groudon will appear in “Omega Ruby.” Pick the exclusives you like best when deciding which version to get.

Priced at ¥4,571, “Omega Ruby” and “Alpha Sapphire” will be released on Nov. 21.


More bikini-clad chaos

One of Japan’s most eyebrow-raising franchises is back. “OneeChanbara,” a portmanteau of “oneechan” (big sister) and “chanbara” (sword play), features a sword-wielding protagonist in a cowgirl hat and swimwear. This time, “OneeChanbara Z2: Chaos” features four characters — cowgirls Aya and Kagura, and gothic lolitas Saki and Saaya) — which players can alternate between during play, providing a new and incredibly frantic gameplay experience.

It would be easy write off the “OneeChanbara” as mere titillation. But, as ridiculous as it seems, it does also provide a solid gaming experience, with players unleashing a slew of satisfying slices in over-the-top battles.

“OneeChanbara Z2: Chaos” for the PlayStation 4 runs at a smooth 60 frames-per-second, is in full HD and is rated Cero Z (age 18 and up). It will be released on Oct. 30 for the PlayStation 4 at ¥6,800.


A smashing New Nintendo 3DS LL

While “Super Smash Bros.” for 3DS is a fantastic game, one complaint that some gamers have is that it’s sometimes hard to follow the action on the small screen. The “Super Smash Bros.” New Nintendo 3DS LL is for those folks.

The recently released New Nintendo 3DSLL is the same size as the regular 3DSLL but comes with a second analog controller called the C-Stick, which makes Smash Attack moves easier in “Super Smash Bros.”

For those diehard “Smash Bros.” fans looking to upgrade, this handheld is worth a look. Be aware, though, that this special-edition does not come with a copy of the game, and AC adaptors are sold separately for all NN3DS units.

The “Super Smash Bros.” New Nintendo 3DSLL will be released on Nov. 8 for ¥18,800.


Some serious military hardware

One of this year’s biggest games, “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare,” is getting a special military-style Xbox One.

The black and gray console and controller have been designed with the game’s Sentinel Task Force in mind and the bundle comes with the Xbox One, a headset, a controller, the game, extra downloadable content and a 14-day Gold Membership for the Xbox Live online service. The console also has unique sound effects from the game.

But the real star here isn’t the fancy design and extra content, it’s the console’s onboard hard drive. The regular Xbox One sports a 500GB internal hard drive, but this “Call of Duty” console has an unprecedented 1TB. That gives gamers a ton of storage.

Out on Nov. 13, the “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” Xbox One bundle is priced at ¥49,980.



Review: Donkey Kong Land 2 (3DS eShop / Game Boy)

Diddy’s 8-Bit Quest

The success of Donkey Kong Country inevitably saw a sequel released. Likewise when Donkey Kong Land proved a similar platforming experience was possible on the Game Boy, it was a no-brainer that Rare would release a second handheld adventure. This time Donkey Kong has gone and gotten himself captured, and so it’s up to Diddy and Dixie to run, jump and swim their way through Donkey Kong Land 2 to rescue him.

Considering the hardware’s limitations the first Game Boy game did a good job of capturing the look of Donkey Kong Country, but sometimes suffered from the different elements blending together. For this game Rare has addressed the problem by having a bit less detail on-screen, mainly achieved with plainer backgrounds. There’s still the occasional confusing moment (safe wooden platforms being hard to pick out from thorny vines for instance) and the odd graphical glitch, but overall the action is easy to follow; you’re not going to find yourself getting clobbered by a Kremling you thought was a juniper bush.

Audio-wise the game has a few sounds for things like collecting bananas, bouncing off the heads of enemies and the crashing of barrels, but once again it’s the music that impresses. Though sometimes a bit beepy there’s a variety of fun, catchy, adventurous tunes. Other tracks go for mysterious, whilst the boss battles use a piece that’s a bit more intense. The odd track can get a bit repetitive if you stay on a level too long but the game is certainly enhanced by the music featured here.

There’s a range of foes throughout the game with the Kremling’s going for a pirate theme. King K. Rool is now Kaptain K. Rool (complete with blunderbuss) whilst other Kremlings have cutlasses, hooks and peg-legs. More enemies can be found in the waters (piranhas and stingrays) and the skies (wasps and dragon flies). The levels are varied too: winds blow you back, other winds blow you upwards, sometimes you’ll be jumping between platforms, other times shimmying along a rope. The action is certainly kept interesting and each level also includes treasure to find: Kremcoins, Banana Bunch Koins and Cranky’s particularly hard to find Video Game Hero Coins.

Whilst Cranky doesn’t appear in-game, there are two Kongs who provide you with help. Funky Kong’s Funky Flight’s service is used to travel to previous worlds and Wrinkly Kong will save your game for you if you visit her Kong Kollege; both of these services require payment of banana koins.

There are problems with this method of saving as it means you have to clear a few levels in a world before you can save your progress — having done that you may find you lack the banana coins necessary. The coins are easy to come by, but it will mean replaying a level first. Whilst this adds a bit of challenge as players must collect enough of the coins if they want to save, it doesn’t make sense for a portable title that may only be played in short bursts. Luckily this is a Virtual Console release and whilst that means the (admittedly slight) Super Game Boy enhancements are gone, the restore point feature is available — which is a much better option for gaming on the go.

As fun as the levels are, anyone who has played Diddy’s Kong Quest will find things here very familiar. The map screens closely resemble the 16-bit title and levels have the same names, although a few didn’t make the cut. Whilst the levels are not identical, you do have to do the same things on them, so ‘Mainbrace Mayhem’ has you climbing masts to reach the goal, rising liquid causes trouble on ‘Slime Climb’ and ‘Rickety Race’ sees the Kongs in a speeding roller-coaster cart trying to knock Kremlings off the rails. It’s quite interesting to play alternate versions of these levels (and there are a couple of stages unique to this title), but it’s a shame things aren’t a bit more like the first Donkey Kong Land which had new levels, new environments and even a few new enemies.

The controls are responsive with the two Kongs doing what your thumbs ask of them. As before A jumps and B is used for running, throwing and spin-attacking. Holding B whilst in mid-air with Dixie allows her to perform a helicopter spin and slowly float downwards — handy for clearing large gaps. The Select button switches between Kongs and is also used when controlling some of your animal friends.

There are a number of animals who appear in certain levels to help you with your quest and their abilities come in very handy. Holding Select down is used to perform charge attacks with Enguarde the swordfish and Rambi the rhino. For Rattly the snake it is used to jump higher. Whilst the Select button works OK for those actions, players may get frustrated when using Squitter the Spider. Certain sections require the spider to make web platforms to jump between — to do this you must fire a web with the B button (sometimes using up or down for direction) and then tap Select to set it in place. The platforms only stay in place for a short time before dissolving so you have to work quickly. This method was not ideal on the original hardware and due to the button placement would be even trickier on the 3DS were Select not also mapped to the much more convenient Y button. The ‘Toxic Tower’ level towards the end of the game sees Squitter having to make platforms to escape some rapidly rising toxic sludge, so mastering the technique is a must.

Players who do become the best web-spinner since Ben Reilly will find earlier levels with Squitter quite easy as you can just web-platform yourself over the dangers below. Similarly, find a high enough platform and Dixie’s helicopter spin can be used to sail over long stretches of Kremlings and obstacles. Whilst this can make some levels easier, it also makes bonus areas and coins easily missed.

The difficulty is nevertheless well judged, overall, with the game starting off quite easy and then steadily becoming trickier. Hidden coins also become harder to find as you progress. To help you out extra life balloons are scattered throughout and you can also acquire extra lives by collecting 100 bananas or picking up the letters that spell out KONG on a level.

Your save file includes a percentage score so you can see at a glance how much of the game you have cleared. With 40 levels to beat and Kremkoins and Video Game Hero coins to find, anyone aiming for full completion will be kept busy. Acquire enough Kremkoins and you can gain access to the Lost World which features the final six levels of the game. If you have cleared/collected everything it’s worth noting that your save file also lists the time you’ve spent playing the game, so you could always try to do it again but faster.


With more levels to play through and extra items to collect Donkey Kong Land 2 is certainly a bigger game than its predecessor, however it’s not quite as impressive due to being a bit too similar to Diddy’s SNES outing. Luckily the varied bunch of levels and enemies ensure that the game is still fun to play through. There’s some cracking music, too, and with the amount of content Rare managed to cram into the game there’s enough here to keep players occupied for some time.



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(PARIS, FRANCE – October 24, 2014 )

BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe S.A.S announced today that Saban’s POWER RANGERS SUPER MEGAFORCE ® is available now in Europe and Australasia for the Nintendo 3DS™ hand-held system.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce marks the 21 st season of the iconic television series. The action side-scrolling Nintendo 3DS game gives fans the chance to experience the legendary powers of the Super Megaforce Rangers and save the earth from evil.

This season, the Power Rangers Super Megaforce must defeat a massive alien Armada sent to conquer earth. With the help of their supernatural guardian, Gosei, the Power Rangers are given special morphers and keys that allow them to morph into Super Megaforce Rangers. Before getting into fights, fans can use various Legendary red rangers, gaining access to their incredible powers, weapons, Zords and Megazords.

Being the Super Hero of an epic adventure is the promise we are making to all kids getting their hands on our games. Once again, thanks to a successful partnership with Saban, we manage to entertain kids with a high quality and diverting game boasting bewildering features such as controlling Legendary red Rangers or Zords and the use of Special Cards. To make a marvellous spread out of this new launch: Power Rangers Super MegaForce is fateful to the latest season of the long-running anime series !” Herve Hoerdt, Vice President of IP Strategy at BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe.

In this new game, fans are able to play as their favorite Super Megaforce Rangers in addition to the Legendary Red Power Rangers and the iconic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  Players are also engage in epic Zord battles to conquer the colossal monsters that threaten humankind. Go Go Super Megaforce!

For more information about BANDAI NAMCO Games’ entire line up, go to www.BandaiNamcoGames.eu.

# # #

About BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe S.A.S.

BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe S.A.S., part of BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc., is a leading global publisher and developer of interactive content for platforms including all major video game consoles and PC, with marketing and sales operations in 50 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australasia.  The company is known for creating and publishing many of the industry’s top video game franchises, including PAC-MAN™, Tekken™, TALES OF TM, SOULCALIBUR™, NARUTO™, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN™, Dragon Ball®, GALAGA™, RIDGE RACER™ and ACE COMBAT™.  More information about the company and its products can be found at www.BandaiNamcoGames.eu or  Facebook.

About Saban’s Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Power Rangers Super Megaforce is the current season of the iconic franchise on television. The series, which airs at 12 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon, delivers super mega action, humor, excitement and entertainment, in addition to the core themes of friendship, teamwork, fitness and helping others. Power Rangers Super Megaforce introduces all-new morphing abilities, allowing the Rangers to morph into any team of Power Rangers from the past. The Power Rangers franchise is helmed by Haim Saban, who created and produced the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series in 1993. SCG Power Rangers LLC, which licenses and merchandises the Power Rangers brand, is an affiliate of Saban Brands. For more information, visit www.powerrangers.com.

Nintendo 3DS is a trademark of Nintendo. © 2012 Nintendo.

All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

TM & © 2014 SCG Power Rangers LLC, All Rights Reserved.

Used Under Authorization.

Game © BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc.

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2700615-streetpass weekend

StreetPass With Faraway 3DS Owners During National StreetPass Weekend

The 3DS‘ StreetPass feature is a neat one, letting you exchange data with fellow 3DS owners you pass. But if you’re not someone who travels much, odds are that anyone you do manage to StreetPass lives in the same state as you. You’ll have the opportunity to change that and diversify your StreetPass connections next week when Nintendo hosts the second-ever National StreetPass Weekend.

Much like last year, you’ll have a few days to visit a Nintendo Zone hotspot somewhere in the United States. By doing so, you’ll be able to get up to six StreetPass tags from faraway 3DS owners.

The event runs for three days, from October 31 through November 2. The first National StreetPass Weekend was scheduled for two days last December, but a positive reaction to its announcement caused Nintendo to kick it off a day early.

There are more than 29,000 Nintendo Zone hotspots, many of which can be found at Best Buy, McDonald’s, and various airports. You can find one near you at Nintendo’s website.

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Video: Terrifying Giant Mii Heads Promote Halloween National StreetPass Weekend

Nightmare fuel

We sometimes describe Mii characters as our happy, aspirational and trouble-free selves here at Nintendo Life, the embodiment of our personalities in a world where every day is a trip to the Mushroom Kingdom to share some cake with the Mario Bros. and Princess Peach. When Nintendo of America decides to represent Miis to the world, however, they use enormous foam heads that don’t fit the poor actor’s bodies; suddenly the vacant eyes and permanent smiles that are cute on a console take on a whole new dynamic.

If one of these walked up to you and simply looked at you, would you be charmed or a little freaked out? Remember, they don’t blink.

Which brings us to the trailer for the upcoming National StreetPass Weekend in North America, celebrating Halloween and running from 31st October to 2nd November. StreetPass Weekend is like any other weekend, in reality, as you can use Nintendo Zone hotspots to get relay hits — like on any other day of the week. We imagine that StreetPass groups and Nintendo itself will, however, arrange some gatherings and special events.

No real details have been released on that score yet, but we do have the video promoting it. The theme is Halloween and, no doubt, it fits the theme. Those Mii outfits are still terrifying…

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley reveals festivals in latest trailer

I want this game, I want it bad.

The white screen and Natsume logo only means one thing to me, Harvest Moon. Today, we got a new look at Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley for the Nintendo 3DS.

This new trailer shows off a bunch of festivals that we can look forward too – both old and new ones! Taka Maekawa, the Producer of Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley shed some light on the new game and the festivals shown:

“Festivals have always been an integral part of the Harvest Moon experience…We’ve taken fan-favorite festivals and combined them with new festivals! It makes for an exciting experience in The Lost Valley!”

The new trailer doesn’t only focus on festivals, it also teased that players will need to watch closely for, including romantic encounters, marriage, children, cows, sheep, chickens and so much more.

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is set to release on the Nintendo 3DS on November 4th, 2014. If you pre-order the game (at GameStop or EBGames) you receive a plushie modeled after your in-game dog. There’s also a Collector’s Edition that comes with a premium-sized rabbit plushie.

I want this game so, so bad.

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Nintendo Australia adds 5 more New 3DS Cover Plates to Launch range

Nintendo Australia has announced that 5 more New 3DS cover plates will be making the launch here in Australia, these plates were previously announced for Japan earlier in the week.

We’re getting the Camo Mario, ‘Stache Mario and Luigi, Yellow and Pink Stars and a translucent Blue and Yellow plates, this brings the total number of plates that will be available in Australia at launch to 20. The full range of what will be available is available at Nintendo’s website.

Did one of your favourites not make the trip over from Japan? Don’t worry you can still import them from Japan if your favourite isn’t released here officially.



Million Arthur Arrives On Nintendo 3DS

By Spencer . October 22, 2014 . 1:00am

Square Enix’s most successful smartphone series, Million Arthur, made a jump to Nintendo 3DS. Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur is now available on the eShop. The 3DS version is a port with a remapped interface to make use of the system’s two screens.

Million Arthur uses a free to play model just like the smartphone and Vita releases. Throughout October, players will be able to get tickets for in game items.

Square Enix has not announced any plans to bring Million Arthur out in the West, but an English localized version has been distributed for smartphones and tablet in other countries in Asia.

mil-03 mil-02

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