R4i SDHC: A new flashcard for Nintendo DSi

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When using a Nintendo gaming system, the r4i playing cards are the only cartridges that are accessible for enhancing the consumer knowledge by supplying an upgraded storage ability. Instead of just taking part in games in your Nintendo, the features of the unit can be expanded to viewing videos, video clips, looking through ebooks, listening to your favourite tunes or MP3, likely by means of your favored pictures or just browsing by means of net. But to do all this, you certainly want an exterior memory system as your beloved Nintendo gadget doesn’t occur equipped with any storage device. The response to this crisis is the r4i card which is extremely very easily and thoroughly obtainable in the industry at all distinguished digital gadgets shop. Continue reading

Sakurai on why Ridley isn’t playable in Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS


Ever since it was revealed that Ridley from the Metroid series would not be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, but that he will instead be a boss character on one of the stages, one question has remained lingering in the heads of many Smash (and Metroid) fans: Continue reading

What Do Amiibos Do In What Games?

Nintendo still hasn’t fully revealed exactly how amiibos will function across its many games, but we plan on keeping track of their compatibility in this feature.

Nintendo’s amiibos differ from comparable toys like Skylanders and Disney Infinity figures in they will work across a collection of games – even some third-party games. This is where you will find a continually updated compendium detailing what amiibos do and unlock in the games in which they are compatible. Continue reading

Persona Q Launch Trailer Streamed

3DS game featuring Persona 3 & 4 characters to ship on Tuesday’s

Atlus USA streamed a launch trailer for its upcoming Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth 3DS game on Thursday. The game itself will ship in North America on Tuesday.

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Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will be available in in “The Wild Cards” premium edition and standard edition. The premium edition includes Tarot Card Set #2(Arcanas XI – XXI), the first set is included in the Persona 4 Arena Ultimax set, an art booklet, a soundtrack CD, and a 3DS XL hard case. This edition retails for US$79.99. The standard edition retails for US$54.99. Continue reading

‘Code Name: STEAM’ Release Date, News And Updates: Awesome 3DS Features Unveiled …

Code Name: STEAM (2015)(Photo : www.amazon.com)

Nintendo unleashes its upcoming 3DS video game titled “Code Name: STEAM” and fans are raving about it online. Find out more about the newest features of the upcoming strategy game, including a storyline that includes Abraham Lincoln! Continue reading

It Took Three Years, But The Nintendo 3DS Has Been Hacked

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The likes of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have gotten better over the years at securing the consoles from external modification, though persistence (and a bit of smarts) can get you a long way. The PS3 eventually fell thanks to some determination and now the Nintendo 3DS has been hacked, so to speak, allowing users to run unsigned code on the platform.

This post was originally published on Kotaku Australia. Continue reading

Super Smash Bros Launches On Wii U With Amazing Metacritic Score

Nintendo’s prime-time AAA exclusive for the Wii U has finally launched. Super Smash Bros. has landed on retail shelves for Nintendo’s home console. Not only has the game launched but it launched with glowing reviews.

As noted on Forbes, Super Smash Bros. has been garnering some pretty amazing review scores, sitting high and pretty on Metacritic at 94 out of 100. The user score isn’t far behind, sitting at 92 out of 100.

There are no negative professional reviews on Metacritic and only two negative user reviews. Continue reading

Walmart’s Cyber Monday sale includes a great PS4 bundle and mysterious 3DS XL sale

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Walmart is loaded up with sales this year, even ignoring the scam that had them mistakenly selling PS4s for under $100 a pop. We’ve listed the store’s pre-sales, its Black Friday sales, and now we’re looking at Walmart’s Cyber Monday sale. Continue reading